Thursday, May 31, 2007


A friend suggested I place a video on utube, and being that I could stream the same onto my blog... I might just try and get involved with that process soon....
in the meantime, I looked up one of my favorite all time video clips, and thought I might link it here... it's called, appropriatly.... ZButton



A daddy with a camera! Nothing wrong with that, and I am glad that my newfound passion for photography has chronicled the life of my 5 year old daughter McKenzie. I am not sure, how many images I can upload to this blogger site, but I'm sure I could put a nice dent in their available space if I shared all that I have of my best little buddy and photographic assistant.
p.s. the orange rock poppies are a feature of many of our island roadways, and a sure sign that summer is upon us. This image is from 2005

some older images


This cat was brought into my life about 14 years ago in an effort to rid myself of varmits....
I remember as he set his fangs into his first mouse, that wasn't much smaller than himself.
He's now an elder member of our farm here, and I appreciate, the many different hues of color contained, in what many would call a simple "Black Cat"!


This year we have had three active butterflies come to visit our "Rhodies" native washington schrubs...
I am amazed at the difficulty of tracking and capturing these incredible insects....
This is a composition of two, attempting to join as one, I assume... I can be reached at

Welcome to my World

I need more exposure to my work, and this site was recently recommended to me.
For years now, I have been participating in other forums, and web social distractions, but I often consider the need to branch out, and seek more community exposure for my "digital dailys"
Welcome to my blog. The weather is nice, the water is warming, and summer begins in the San Juan Islands, of washington state...

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